Lover’s photobook

To love and be loved must be the best feeling ever. There must be many photos taken while we live these beautiful feelings. First dinner, movie day, concert, picnic, travel, fun fair, party etc. every moment spent with your lover. They are all in your memories aren’t they? It’s time to prepare a lover’s photobook with those unique photos. Lover’s photobook will be a very special gift and also an unforgettable keepsake.

There are many themes in Bastirgelsin full of love and joy to create lover’s photobook. Choose one from 7 sizes. Start creating. Use as many as you want from photos you chose with care, enter text, take notes, put symbols, cliparts and create your lover’s photobook design with the only limit of your imagination. We print, prepare with care and send to you.

Let’s see how easy, fun and colourful our application is, with an example of our lover’s photobook themes:

Valentine’s day is close. If you want to give your lover a personally customised special gift, Bastirgelsin offers you the most exquisite and different options.

Stay with love.